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  WRT 120 Syllabus
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Notebook for Topics in Literature: Imaginary Worlds (Spring 2005)
  Adieu to Imaginary Worlds
  One Last Look at Imaginary Worlds
  Notes on 'Before the Law'
  Samuel Beckett Links
  Notes on 'Waiting for Godot'
  Approaching 'Waiting for Godot'
  Notes on 'Axolotl' by Julio Cortazar
  Notes on 'EPICAC' by Kurt Vonnegut
  DIRECTIONS: Independent Project
  Suggested Readings: Independent Project
  Utopia/Dystopia Links
  Character Analysis: Brave New World
  Analyzing the Brave New World
  Defining Utopia
  Embarking on the Brave New World
  A Critique of BRAVE NEW WORLD
  Dante Links
  Inferno: Final Destinations, Cantos XXXII-XXXIV
  Inferno: Malebolge, Cantos XVIII-XXXI
  Inferno: Questions/Analysis, Cantos XII - XVII
  Structure in the Inferno: Analysis, Cantos V - XI
  Inferno: Questions for Analysis, Cantos I - V
  Introducing Canto I
  Approaching the Divine Comedy
  Relating to Dante's Inferno
  Our Goals for Studying the Inferno
  Assignment Sheet: PAPER #1
  The Birthmark
  Leaf By Niggle
  Responses to Leaf By Niggle
  'On Fairy Stories' by J.R.R. Tolkien
  Notes on Ovid and 'Metamorphoses'
  Analyzing the Mythic Tales
  The Four Functions of Myth
  Myth and Metaphor
  Myth - Links
  Filtering the Introduction to 'Fantastic Worlds'
  'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' and 'The Zebra Storyteller
  Introducing the 'Imaginary Worlds' Theme
  Alice In Wonderland
  The Metamorphosis

Notebook for Effective Writing I (Spring 2004)
  Conference Schedule: 4/21 and 4/26
  Commentary: Following Up Your Response
  Critical Thinking and Commentary
  Casebook: Evaluating Sources
  What is Argument?
  Parts of an Argument
  Casebook Assignment Sheet
  Rubric for Evaluation of Writing
  Assignment Sheet: Essay#1
  Expressive Writing
  Short Stories About Identity
  Thoughts on Stories About Identity
  Poems About Identity
  Understanding the 'Rhetorical Situation'
  Mind-map: Identity

ENG Q20: Basic Writing (Fall 2004)
  ENG Q20 Syllabus
  Frederick Douglass Excerpt
  Propaganda Analysis
  How to Detect Propaganda
  George Orwell's Politics and the English Language
  Propaganda Analysis Exercise

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~ A Weblog for Effective Writing I ~

You can send me feedback or suggest a link for the weblog if you happen to come across an interesting site appropriate to our studies during your travels on the web.
Just contact me, let me know the name of the site and the url, and I'll look at it.


  Miami Protest, Quicktime
Video footage of police response to a peaceful demonstration in Miami, FL in January 2004.

The Call to Write Collaborative Network
Visit this useful "collaborative writing workshop." In addition to supplementing your textbook, the site features its own message board, a chat room, a "web page workshop where you can "experiment with free tools and techniques for developing your own Web site," and a "Writers Library to locate online style manuals, citation guidelines, dictionaries, and more." In short, an excellent internet companion site to supplement your textbook.


The Call to Write 2/e

  Quick Access Companion Site
An online supplement to your handbook. Lots of additional instruction and exercises. Take online quizzes to gage your progress! You'll need the access code you received with your textbook to take full advantage of the site's extensive features.

Quick Access 3/e


Princeton Professor James Pryor's Philosophical Terms and Methods
Philosophical terms and methods relating to argument.. Links include: What Is an Argument? Vocabulary Describing Arguments Some Good and Bad Forms of Argument Analyzing Concepts


The Truth Tree
Read the position statement "On Debating" and then be sure to surf the rest of the site (go to its front page here) for an excellent overview on the fine art of argument.


The Book of Cliches
A wealth of cliches to savor and then avoid.


Common Dreams News Center
An alternative news source which describes its service as providing "breaking news for the progressive community."


Margaret Salinger Discusses her Memoir, DREAMCATCHER
J.D. Salinger, author of CATCHER IN THE RYE, is one of America's great fiction writers and a notoriously elusive recluse. He's carefully guarded his privacy for over 40 years. Now Margaret Salinger, his daughter, has published a revealing memoir, DREAMCATCHER. The book was published in 2000, and this interview (on a radio show called The Connection) took place on Sept. 14, 2000.





In the News: Have an Opinion?
Posted on the Portland Independent Media Center's website is a first hand account of how a man, his wife, and three children were pepper sprayed by police at a peaceful demonstration. There are many sites on the Internet that provide space for newsworthy stories which are completely ignored by the mainstream US press. This is an impressive example. It also happens to be a good example of the kind of "open letter" that John Trimbur describes in Chapter 4 of A Call to Write (not a chapter we're covering this semester). Notice how Don Joughin uses the open letter genre to both inform and appeal to his readers.
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