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Course Information
  WRT 120 Syllabus
  Lit 165 Syllabus
  About the Instructor

Notes for Introduction to Literature
  Fundamental Questions About Literature
  Critical Approaches to Literature
  Approaching Literature
  Critical Thinking and Reading Literature
  Notes on Four Short Stories
  Defining the Short Story
  The Genesis of the Short Story
  The Art of the Short Story
  Responding to 'The Birthmark'
  Notes on Nathaniel Hawthorne
  A Guided Reading of 'Bartleby'
  'Bartleby--Questions for Analysis
  A Cultural Context for 'Bartleby'
  A Vocabulary for Fiction and Beyond
  Notes on Innovative Fiction
  Young Man on Sixth Avenue
  A Study Guide for the Fiction Exam
  Defining Poetry
  Reading Poetry
  The Craft of Poetry: Imagery
  Supplemental Poems
  The Craft of Poetry: Sound
  The Craft of Poetry: Structure
  Lines of Continuity
  Study Guide for the Poetry Exam
  The Birth of Greek Tragedy
  Stepping Through OEDIUPS THE KING
  Aristotle's 'Tragic Hero'
  Questions for Studying OEDIUPS
  The Relevance of OEDIPUS Today
  Study Guide for the Drama Exam

Notes for Effective Writing I
  Understanding the 'Rhetorical Situation'

  John Gardner

Announcements and Assignments
  WRT 120 Announcements
  WRT 120 Assignments
  LIT 165 Announcements
  Lit 165 Assignments


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~~ LIT 165 Announcements ~~

*** MWF section (12:00 - 1:00 PM) ***

Please note that class will not meet on Friday, April 18th.
I'll be available in my office during class time.

MWF 12-1pm section: the drama exam is scheduled for Friday, April 25, 2003.
TR 11-12:15pm section: the poetry exam is scheduled for Thursday, April 24, 2003.
M 7:15-10pm evening section: the poetry exam is scheduled for Monday, April 28, 2003.

The Study Guide for the Drama Exam is now available online.

The last day to hand in extra credit assignments is the last day of class before the final exam period. Extra credit papers must be 3-5 pages, typed. The topic should come from one of the questions on pp. 1536-38 in your textbook. If you have an original topic you'd like to pursue, but you can't find a way to pursue it using the questions on those pages, please consult me first if you want to ensure that you receive credit for your work.







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