Hi. Welcome to my world, if you can find me. As you can probably see, I'm a marmalade colored tabby cat, an American Domestic Shorthair. My nicknames are "Orange Crush," "Muscle Man," and "Golden Lightfoot." I seem to get a few new ones every day... I have no claws but am not very resentful about it since my people are not responsible. Besides, I can scratch away at the sofa until my heart's content without getting into any trouble whatsoever. I am the epitome of gentleness, and though my independence gives way at times to moments of intense affection, I'm every bit my own man. Everyone here at home is used to the fact that I'm very habitual and extremely well attuned to my environment. I've constructed a mental map of every inch of my four floor townhouse. When something appears out of place, I swat it away. I admit to a Q-Tip fetish; hey, everyone's got their skeletons. I'm really loyal once you get to know me.

May 4, 2001. The long bout with cancer that Barney fought while we went completely unaware is now over. It's heartbreaking to us, but we're glad for him that his suffering is over before it had a chance to diminish his dignity. A golfball sized stomach tumor earned him his wings, and he's in heaven now, singin' with the angels.



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