How can I begin to describe 15 years of music history? That's how long Jim and I have been making music together, as far back as 1986. What a beautiful trip it's been.

I like the way Jim describes the way we work. He says--

For us, music is a personal exploration of mood, feeling, inspiration and observation. We don't care about styles, genres, scenes, or fads. We just do what we do with the equipment we have, and make it as good as it can be. This means you won't find professionally produced, image-enchanced MTV ready material here....

But you will find music that's honest and human. That's probably my favorite thing that one reviewer said about us.

The people who have reviewed our music at various places around the web have said  things like--

"Lo-fi homespun folk music filled with warbling vocals and drum pads. The music has an indefinable innocence to it and with the names Jim and Stacy you almost want to invite them over for dinner." - Listen.com

"Intriguing songs...sounds like the work of people genuinely interested in making music as opposed to being a part of a scene or jumping on the bandwagon." - Dead Angel Zine

"The more I hear from the Esch'es the more I'm having to to have more and more. Stacy's vocals havea dreamy quality with an edge that hits just right for me,while Jim tends toward a more progressive production." - Gajoob Magazine

"Stacy could sing the phone book and make it sound good..."
- Demo Universe

Stacy has a fantastic voice! I really like the guitar work as well, and the songwriting is excellent." - Ray Sammartano, Xylox

I know that doesn't tell you a lot, other than that some people who have heard our stuff have liked it. I thought it might be fun, if anyone was interested, to tell you more, when I get around to it. You can even purchase The Rest is Silence at Peacework Music Net. For now, here's a "discography."

1988 - 1990
Stirfry, Beefstew, and Fried Ice Cream


1991 - 1993
Meet the Gods and Black Box


1993 - 1996
Two Blue Moons and Erase This Face


1997 - 2001
Parallel Lives, Snapcrackle Pop, Break Through Shine, The Rest Is Silence