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Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (2/25/02)

"Boots Sleeping on the Living Room Chair"


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Devin and Lucy, Winter, 2000
Devin in Cape
Valentines Day Photos
Devin and Pop-Pop, March 9, 2002
Devin at home
Devin and Maggie W.

Summer, June 2002

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Anita Walking Perdita (7/23/03)


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An Entire Digimon Gallery! (10/4-7/01)

Barney (with angel wings) Watching Over Earth From Heaven (10/2/01)

Mom Opening Door With Her Key Necklace (10/3/01)

Cherry's Day (10/2/01)

The Cat, The Caterpillars, and The Magic House (10/1/01)

The Cute Chipmunk Song (10/1/01)

The Wolf and The Dinosaur (9/30/01)

The Brick House (9/30/01)